Friday, August 3, 2012

Papier d'Art

One of the things that have kept me busy in the past few months was going back to one of the things that I loved to do which is drawing. Inspired by my daughter's love for the arts, I decided to explore again the very thing that paved the way for me to become an interior designer. You see, before I knew about interior design, I have always loved to draw when I was still in my elementary days. And that took a step back when I took up interior design in college. Sure, we draw our perspectives and do the rendering too, but most of the time it's about interiors or furniture. What I missed, was the freedom to draw anything I liked. So, when the time and opportunity came up, I just had to grab it. And this started what I now call Papier d'Art.

Papier d'Art
creative pursuits with paper

Papier d'Art is a spin-off from my daughter's pop-up book project in school. After realizing the potential of making pop-up art, I ventured first into pop-up invitations and eventually, illustrations on note cards and gift tags. My latest project is the one featured here, which is the Hello! Vintage series. I have always loved the charm of vintage objects and as such, inspired me to draw illustrations of some very famous ones. Currently, there are five vintage objects that customers can choose from - typewriter, bicycle, telephone, radio and camera.

vintage typewriter from the hello!vintage collection

hello! vintage collection notecards

hello! vintage series of notecards

a handwritten hello on each notecard

Aside from the vintage illustrations, I also came up with the Hello! World series, which features different famouse icons from different countries. What makes these notecards more unique is that each card has a handwritten hello translated to the city's local greeting. Currently, there are also five illustrations to choose from - Japan, China, Italy, Netherlands and France.

hello! japan notecard

hello! china notecard

hello! italy featuring a vespa scooter

hello! france featuring a french bakery

These notecards may also be customized with a name, telephone number or an email. Customers can just choose from any of the illustrations and the font design and lay-out that are readily available. These personalized notecards may be used as special notes, as a name card or as a gift tag.

personalized notecards

Soon, I am planning to come out with prints as well. But for now, we are concentrating on notecards, gift tags and very soon, money envelopes, especially with the holidays just a few blocks away. If you wish to know more, you can visit the website at Papier d'Art.

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