Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Southern Exposure

Located in the southern countryside, this is the retirement house of former city dwellers. The owners of the house, being used to the traditional style that their city residence used to have, wanted something a little different yet nothing too contemporary for their taste. The result is southern plantation style - relaxed and sophisticated classic interiors.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smart Interior Design Apps

With the advent of the smartphone, it's no surprise how everything can be accessed with just one gadget. Games, Email, Facebook, Exercise Routines, Recipes, Twitter - it's all there in that small piece of gadget we used to know as a mere cellphone. And for designers like me, life is made much more interesting and fun with these cool apps that can show me how my walls will look if I repaint them, or how I can measure and make a floor plan by just taking pictures or how I can easily access an Autocad file when I'm not on my laptop. For my top picks, I divided them into two categories namely: Design Apps on My Iphone and Other Design Apps I Have Yet To Try. Read on: