The Muse has always been an avid fan of great design. Growing up, she was always surrounded by creative ideas from her parents (who were frustrated designers and artists) who exposed and encouraged her in the great field of arts and design. After graduating from high school, she pursued a degree in Interior Design from the best interior design school in the Philippines. Today, she continues to practice interior design through her own design studio.

The Green Room is not an actual physical room in the author's place, but just a term she used as an online venue for sharing thoughts on design and the arts, to people who appreciate and have passion for it. This is also an opportunity for designers and artists alike, to feature their talent and creativity. Technically, the term "The Green Room" is a room in a theater or studio where the actors lounge while waiting for their turn on the stage. The Musings from The Green Room is incidentally similar to that, in a sense that, when we are not on our respective professions as designers or artists, we are here at The Green Room.