Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eco-friendly Building and Decorative Materials

Finally, here is the list of some interior eco-friendly materials that are available to the Philippine market. 

1. Boysen Eco-friendly Paints : Boysen's eco-friendly paints has the Green Seal for Certified Paints with significantly low VOC content. If you also want your project to be LEED certified, the new line of Boysen paints can help you gain points by using their line of paints that have VOC levels under 50 grams per liter. If you want to know more about the new line of Boysen eco-friendly paints, you can visit their website at Boysen Paints .

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sustainable Sensibilities


The NUVALI community development in Sta. Rosa Laguna paves the way for sustainable eco-living. What brought about this initiative by Ayala Land to build the first sustainable community in the Philippines, is actually the desire to nurture the people who will live in it. At the core of it all, sustainable living is all about nurturing it's people – that means having a healthy relationship with our living environment through conscious evo-living.

I have been to Nuvali several times on family occasions whenever we feel like trying out something different. Malling can be pretty tiring, with all the white noise and visual overload, so on lazy weekends, the family goes to Nuvali for a breath of fresh air. Kids love the koi fish feeding and boat ride at the man-made lake. Personally, I love to take a walk on the jogging path that goes around the lake and after, breakfast at the nearby Starbucks coffee shop. It can get pretty windy there with all that wide open space, which is perfect for flying a kite. They also have bicycles for rent that you can use on the same wide jogging path. After all the activities, I just love to take a break at the nearby Conti's for a slice of my favorite cake.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2011: Still Going Green

April was just not enough to feature all of the go-green products and interiors that I had in mind (besides the fact that my hands we're so full the past month! :)), so for May, I will be continuing the Going Green theme, still in celebration of Earth Day. I have finally rounded up interior products and materials that support eco-living and sustainable design, which means the list is going to be out soon. Also, a look at Nuvali of Ayala Land and how they are already making initiatives in sustainable design not only for the homes but for the whole Nuvali community as well. For the interior design feature of the month, I will be featuring a southern home with a classic twist.

April may be Earth Day, but May is definitely the month for flowers, coincidentally (or not) also the month when we celebrate Mother's Day. Show your appreciation for your mom by giving her flowers on Mother's Day, or better yet, a flower for every day of May. Happy Mother's Day to you Mom!