Monday, August 13, 2012

Museum Hopping in Singapore Part 1: Red Dot Museum

The Red Dot Museum on Maxwell Road is painted in bright red.

Last March, I had a chance to revisit the beautiful city of Singapore. This city had been my home twelve years ago, and this was my first time to go back again. Although I lived here for some time, I was not able to go around the museums at that time. This time was no excuse anymore. There are so many museums to visit in Singapore and each museum is really worthwhile to go to. And since it's a multi-cultural city, you can expect to see and "taste" the different cultures at each one you go to.

One of the newest museums that I went to was the Red Dot Museum on Maxwell Road. It's located near the Chinatown district and near the famous Maxwell hawker center. You won't miss it because the building is painted all red. This museum opened in 2006 and it is the first contemporary design museum in Asia. The exhibit is a collection of designs from the winners of the International Red Dot Design Award. Exhibits here are mainly product and communication designs from around 55 countries.

The main exhibition hall is in the ground floor area and it's just interesting to see these creative and out-of-box designs. Check out these Hipstamatic pictures that I took, just to give you an idea.

These are installed on the floor and gave the illusion of a deep hole when
actually there are just mirrors  inside the cubes. It also changes colors.

These are literally wall-to-wall installation of plastic containers,
placed interestingly to create a colorful  design on the wall.

This is an up-close picture of a wall made of plastic bottles
stacked sideways.

This is a round puzzle ring. Here's the caption below it:
"This ring is a piece of jewellery and a game at the same time.
Eight elements have to be put together every time it is put on or taken off.
That last element that crosses the ring from side to side makes sure it
cannot asunder or be taken apart."

A lighted-up lavatory. 

My apologies for not taking note of the designer's of these wonderful designs.But there is so much to learn from and be inspired from the exhibits. If I'm not mistaken, they are currently preparing for a new exhibit which will be opened this August. If you'll be visiting Singapore soon, check out their website here to know more about their opening hours and for more information.

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