Monday, July 25, 2011

Sugar and Spice (And Everything Nice)

Tie Me Up Buttercup Kiosk at Greenbelt 5

Okay, I admit, I can be a little obsessive-compulsive but I'd rather call myself a neat freak. I just love to organize things, making sure they can be easily accessible when I need them. I also love sorting things together. After that, my being an interior designer kicks in. I'd make sure that my things are positioned nicely and visually balanced. This applies to most of the things I do, and even to wrapping gifts. I have a penchant for making my gifts look really nice. I have always believed that making the wrapping of the gift nice, makes the actual gift more special. I don't really splurge on expensive wrappers but putting on a creative touch to the wrapping is what makes it fun.

Ribbons, ribbons everywhere!
So, imagine my excitement when I came across this little shop in Greenbelt 5 aptly called, Tie Me Up Buttercup. How cute is that? It's a small kiosk in the middle of the Greenbelt 5 walkway (just a little across Tory Burch) that carries a multitude of specially designed ribbons for wrapping, decorating, scrap booking and in my little daughter's case, for her hair. Ribbons with themes designed for little girls and boys, baby girls and boys, tweens and toddlers. They also have ribbons for the more mature clientele such as the grosgrain ribbons with the running stitch, stripes, plain satin ribbons, dots and checks.

wrappers and gift bags
Now, thanks to the creative team of Mrs. Bubut de los Santos and her daughters, who thought of opening a shop like this, giving us shoppers more options and choices for prettifying our gifts and packages. Opened in 2009, the mother and daughters team wanted to bring to the local market unique gift packaging materials that was sorely lacking at that time, particularly high quality attractive ribbons, classic gift wrappers and handmade gift tags, gift bags and boxes. Armed with decades of exposure from travels abroad, and backgrounds in music, the arts, retail and marketing, these four women has brought to us today classy and quality gift packaging materials.

Handmade gift tags
Besides ribbons, you have to check out their wrappers which come in stripes, dots, checks and plain colors. You're also sure to find a nice matching handmade gift tag, which are really cute and fancy (it's almost so hard to give them away). For those on the run, they also have gift bags, money envelopes, and wine boxes which they all produce locally. If you're just planning to give a special note, they also have locally handmade greeting cards and imported ones from Europe. For those of you that want a personalized touch to your gift tags or invitations, they can also customize print for you. They have a team of artists which can help with the design you want.

Personally, I like the ribbons, handmade gift tags and money envelopes. Also, I like how they designed the kiosk which makes everything easy to see and access. They organized the wrappers into these pull-out drawers, that resemble the filing drawers for floor plans. Even the ribbons are organized inside the drawers with dividers that are according to color and design. Really neat.

I just want to say a big "Thank You" to the very accommodating Ms. Iya de los Santos for letting me feature their shop for this blog. This is one candy store that I'll surely keep coming back to (without having to worry about seeing the dentist). 

Tie Me Up Buttercup is located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 5, just across Tory Burch. You can contact them at 0927.7780798 or email at You can also add them on Facebook, just click here.


  1. So colorful. It really got my interest because I'm planning to buy a gift for my brother's upcoming birthday. Might go to this wonderful shop for wrappers and all.

    Thanks for the info. =)

  2. Glad you liked it! It will be worth the visit :)

  3. Super cute kiosk! I saw it on a trip back home... but I'm usually like filipiniana and brown paper wrapping. I have to say that the kiosk design is impressive indeed. I love OC design as well (as you can see from my furniture designs =P)