Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Southern Exposure

Located in the southern countryside, this is the retirement house of former city dwellers. The owners of the house, being used to the traditional style that their city residence used to have, wanted something a little different yet nothing too contemporary for their taste. The result is southern plantation style - relaxed and sophisticated classic interiors.

After their much-awaited retirement, the couple immediately moved in to their new four-bedroom house in the countryside. This was a big move for them, after all, they lived in the city for more than thirty years. Relishing the fresh air, and the cool breeze that this part of the country is known for, they wanted the interiors of their house to imbibe the spirit of the south. Upon learning about Kristine Datuin, the couple met with her and talked about how they wanted this house to still look classic traditional but not with the same traditional furniture they had in their old house. The lady of the house particularly wanted simple lines but with classical details. Kristine knew then that the plantation style will be perfect for the couple, and for the whole southern theme as well.

Since the family was already living in the house, they wanted minimal construction, if any. Being a newly built house, Kristine decided then to work with the existing design and structure of the living and dining areas, and proposed an all furniture design, so as not to cause any construction discomforts to the family. The living area had a big space surrounded by windows with views of the greenery outside. Kristine took advantage of this and made it a backdrop of the living room furniture. The sofa and lounge chairs were comfortable and at the same time had the details that the client wanted -  turned legs, nail heads, simple lines, and classic silhouettes. The rest of the wood furniture were finished in a light walnut stain with antique finished hardware. At the corner of the living room is the owner's antique chest of drawers which was refurbished by Delfino's furniture, the same furniture maker for the new pieces. This chest is special to the owners and they wanted it to be a part of their new living room. To make it more significant, Kristine placed this chest beneath the mother and child Joya painting and arranged a vignette of mother and child pieces from the couple's collection.

In between the dining and living area is a big space where the grand staircase of the house lands to. Kristine had to connect these entry points together to cohere the space. With this, she designed a focal table with four x-shaped stools which related the living, dining, the grand staircase and corridor together. Adjacent to this focal table is a china cabinet which housed all the owner's dinnerware collection. A few steps away is the dining room which has a rectangular shaped table for eight with chairs made of local mahogany wood with rattan skin for the backrest. The owner's are also collectors of paintings from Filipino artists which is why they purposely installed their collection of paintings in every wall of the dining room and the corridor.

Kristine initially proposed side drapes for the windows in the living and dining areas but the owners opted to have no curtains. With that magnificent view outside and that charming interiors inside, the couple just got what they wanted.

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