Monday, February 14, 2011

Light and Shadow

While doing this article, I just recently found out that photography was derived from the Greek words photos, meaning light, and graphy, which means draw. Which makes sense really, because one cannot achieve a picture without any source of light, more so, a photographer cannot produce a perfect and interesting subject without the interplay of light and shadow.

Due to the advancement in technology of the camera, specifically the digital camera, a lot of people have become interested in this form of art. It is a hobby to most and to those who have undergone training, a profession. Designers and architects are rather expected to be a part of that population, having the advantage of an artistic eye.

Shirley Aguilar is no exception. But her portfolio tells us that she is someone to watch out for. Not your typical subjects for photography, her photos are events from the mundane, that she magically transforms into something of interest. There is a story to every photo, a fact. It transports you into that moment that she captured and you muse about this particular event and how it might be like to be there.

Shirley is an Interior Designer by profession, currently working at a design firm in Dubai. Her interest in photography piqued her curiosity to take some basic photography lessons in Dubai. From then on, she continues to improve and learn her photography style through experience which she says makes it more exciting. Her inspiration for her subjects comes almost always at random, based mostly on her gut feel. She says that it doesn't always come out as expected, but you just try to capture as much as your heart desires, and with some luck, you get one good shot.

There is always a story behind a picture. This blurry picture of a horse running was actually just accidental. She was just aiming for a picture of the horse running but the blurry part was unintentional. The blurry part in the picture was actually the point of interest which she actually liked and inspired her to name it "blurry".

This one is titled "light curio" taken at the grand bazaar in Istanbul. She says that there were a lot of other shops similar to this one, but what stood out was that it the only that was really packed with lights. The man in the photo, whose slightly angled body while looking down gives a curious point of interest to the viewer. This is one of my personal favorites.

This walkalator is located in Burj Khalifa. What inspired her to take this shot was how modern everything looked. Matched with the two people dressed in modern clothing, the look seemed so futuristic. I personally like the angles that the ceiling detail created vis-a-vis with the walkalator and the reflection of lights on the wall.

If you want to see more of Shirley Aguilar's photography, you can visit her website Shirley Aguilar Photography

Photos courtesy of Shirley Aguilar Photography

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