Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eco-friendly Building and Decorative Materials

Finally, here is the list of some interior eco-friendly materials that are available to the Philippine market. 

1. Boysen Eco-friendly Paints : Boysen's eco-friendly paints has the Green Seal for Certified Paints with significantly low VOC content. If you also want your project to be LEED certified, the new line of Boysen paints can help you gain points by using their line of paints that have VOC levels under 50 grams per liter. If you want to know more about the new line of Boysen eco-friendly paints, you can visit their website at Boysen Paints .

2. Campos Rueda Corporation Cork Products : Campos Rueda distributes cork products that are available in different thicknesses and colors. Applications may be for exterior walls, double walls; flat and sloping coverings; floating paving slab (impact noise); partitions; door insulation; prefabricated wooden houses; thermal and acoustic wooden panels; expansion/dilatation joints (adequate density); external frontages on view (MDF quality frontage). Other applications are home and office accessories such as bulletin boards, noise reduction solution to underlayment, flooring and wood panels, gaskets and materials for automotive and heavy duty applications (rubberized cork sheet), thermal protection shields, expansion and contraction joints, wall decor and covers. You may contact them at (02)726.7031 or you may check their website Campos Rueda.

3. APO Engineered Wood Flooring: APO's engineered wood flooring is called APO Realwood. It is a natural wood product made from Toog or Philippine Rosewood. It is a natural and biodegradable product. The trees were selectively cut and replanted in a permanent forest in Surigao. It was cited as a model for sustainable development by the Tropical Timber Organization and "Best Practice in Forest Management" by the UP College of Forestry and Natural Resources. 

The wood flooring comes in different finishes such as camel, sedona, spice, rosewood and wengue. It comes ready to install and has 8 coats of APROTECT for durability and easy maintenance (no need to wax). Each piece with dimensions of 6" x 48" x 12mm thick is priced at PhP 325.00 each.  Visit your local home depot for more information or you can visit APO Realwood for more details.

4. HM Trading Natural Woven Mats: HMT Natural Woven Mats are made form the finest fibers such as rattan, abacca, saguran, pandan and other exotic materials that are handbloomed and perfected by traditional fiber weavers. They have a wide array of designs and natural materials to choose from that can be used for furniture, wall and ceiling panels, and decorative purposes. You have to check out their website, HM Trading, and see what I'm talking about.

5. TN Philippines: If you're looking for someone who can fabricate a product out of capiz, shells, bamboo, abaca or any natural indigenous material, TN Philippines is where you go to. They have a lot of different designs and selections of materials in their factory and they can fabricate it to whatever design you want. You can call (02)829.3820 or (02)829.3819 and look for Mr. Al Caronan.

6. Formaply Bamboo Products: Formaply Industries carries bamboo products namely bamboo veneers, bamboo panelling and bamboo flooring. Their bamboo flooring is available in different finishes, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, resistant to cigarette burns, stain resistant, non-toxic and non-polluting. Check out Formaply Bamboo for more information.

7. Larry's Curtain 100% Cotton Fabric: Larry's Curtain and Upholstery has a new line of 100% cotton fabrics which are certified tested for harmful substances according to the Labo-tex certification system and Oeko-tex Standards. The Oeko-tex is the most widely recognized eco-label for textiles and it guarantees that these products are 100% safe for you and your family - free of harmful toxins and irritants. Besides that, the fabric line comes in different beautiful colors and textures, although it may be a bit pricier than the regular cotton fabric. You may contact Larry's at (02)833.8780.

8. Mariwasa Ceramic TilesMariwasa tiles are composed of more than 8% of recycled materials. The use of recycled materials reduces the waste shipped to landfills and cuts down on mining of clay and other minerals needed to make conventional tiles. Mariwasa’s technology for zero waste renewable energy and raw materials from rice husks enables the company to use biomass instead of fossil fuels. Mariwasa uses renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide emission to lessen greenhouse gasses and mitigate impact of climate change. Know more at Mariwasa.

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