Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colour Lovers

I came across this site, while I was googling colors and patterns. I found it very interesting and helpful for designers like me. The site is an online sharing community, where designers in all fields - home, fashion, crafts, graphic design and print - can share their ideas and inspirations on colors, patterns and trends on both. I found some beautiful color combinations that are fresh and current, which has really inspired me for a current ID project. Here are some of my favorites:

This pink, light blue and mocha palette is given life by the citrus yellow as accent. It's interesting how the citrus yellow blended well with another strong color like pink. I'm inspired to use this as a color scheme for a girl's bedroom.

This next color palette is more toned down with the use earth colors. Very subtle, yet the strong tan leather-like color gives a sharp contrast to the beige background. I'm inspired to use this color scheme in a library, or  it would be perfect for a coffee shop.

When I saw this color palette, I just loved it. The pomegranate color is just gorgeous with the tiffany blue and gray. This palette is very current and unexpected. I would use this for the master's bedroom.

The star color of this palette is the turquoise. The orange is the perfect color to accent it with. I have always loved turquoise for the freshness it brings and no matter when you use it, it always looks current. I would probably use this for a family room or a boy's room.

This color palette is very strong. All three colors at the top are very vivid and strong. The sharp colors where muted and grounded by the sky blue color. Very corporate and commercial. I'm inspired to use this for an ad agency office or a modern restaurant.

There are  limitless color matching possibilities. But of course, when we design, we don't want to keep making a hit or miss decision. This site is a good venue to study the different color combinations, how they were used and how much of the star color was used with the background color. It helps us to decide wisely and be a little more accurate, in terms of the success of our color schemes. To check the numerous color palettes and patterns, or if you want to share your own ideas, you can join the colourlovers community at

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