Monday, February 7, 2011

Filipino Genius

Who hasn't heard of Kenneth Cobonpue? After numerous design accolades from the international design community, Kenneth is a "household" name to designers and architects in the Philippines. Not only is he known for his furniture design ingenuity, but also for promoting Filipino craftsmanship through the materials he utilizes in his designs. And now, he leaves us in awe again with his new collection for 2011. Here are a few favorites:

The Tilt Chair
"The pieces are individually cut, sanded and joined at different angles to create a work of art that celebrates masterful joinery. Tilt pays homage to the centuries old tradition of wood working."

"A creation of rattan vines in fluid lines that derive from random doodling, the Noodle armchair evokes the excitement inherent in the accidents that drive the imagination."

"Dimsum is inspired from Chinese food steamers. Made of plywood sheathed in leather, handstitched in cotton thread and inlaid with thick strips of bamboo."

"It's unique silhouette casting a shade all it's own, Juniper stars a fervent upgrowth of branches and arresting angles."

"A rocking stool topped in microfiber strips stitched to interchangeable covers, Harry will bring out the child in everyone."

all photos and furniture description courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue Catalog

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